Do you feel that? How LOVED you are?

Gently allow yourself to open more and more. Letting that pure love fill every recess of your mind and the darkest corners of your heart and your soul. Let is slowly permeate and Light up every single cell of your body. And know that you are more than worthy of this.

If you cannot yet fully receive it imagine that my Love is like the Sunlight (for it is), and imagine that it is like the air, the atmosphere, for it is. And allow yourself to stand in that Light and simply receive!

Let my Love shine on you with no more resistance than you feel as you enjoy the first warm rays of Spring as they caress your skin, which has been hungry for it's warmth! And allow yourself to receive my True Love as easily as you pause and take a relaxing, deep breath as you stand in my Love Light.

YOU are as worthy of My Love as much as any and every other soul. And know that I say this knowing that many deeply wounded and even ones you would call Evil will read this. All is forgiven in my eyes for in my eyes there is nothing to forgive. I created you and I see all of your Journey, your wounds, struggles and illusions. My children do “dark” things because they have temporarily forgotten their Divinity.

These messages come to you to remind you. You are Divine. You are Love. You are all a part of Me, and a part of all of Life, here and in all of Creation, far and wide.

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