Trauma Recovery

Rebecca specializes in helping people recover from trauma, often severe, repeated trauma. Fortunately, in her type of work it is not necessary to relive these traumas in order to heal from them. Rebecca herself was able to let go of severe, long-term trauma to reach a state of peace, and even forgiveness. It is important to know however, that forgiveness is a personal choice and cannot be rushed. Only the client can say if, or when they are ready to forgive.


In healing trauma Rebecca is able to utilize her training in Massage Therapy, Body Work, and Reiki for her local clients. This can be a safe and gentle way to help release trauma from the body and reteach it what safe touch and healthy boundaries are. Rebecca incorporates her energy healing work with her body work for a more complete healing of the trauma.

How long will it take?

People often ask how long it will take to resolve a certain issue. This is highly variable and depends on, among other factors, how ready the client is to shift, how long the condition has been in place, how deep the issues go, and how willing the client is to take responsibility (not blame,) for the current state of their life. What we can say is that her clients consistently report that even after years of traditional and alternative modalities that the  healing they received with her is deeper, faster and more effective than anything else they have tried. Give yourself the gift of accelerated transformation.

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