What is Standing Bear Healing?

Rebecca's method allows for the attainment of a conscious theta brain wave. Here we’re able to access a deeper level of healing because any limiting beliefs we may have reside primarily in the subconscious mind. The Law of Attraction states that what we think about or focus on creates our reality. What it fails to tell us is that it is actually the subconscious beliefs that create over 99% of our lives. People have been striving to change their lives and perhaps experiencing frustration and some degree of failure, because of this missing piece. Now there is a way to quickly and effectively shift that subconscious blueprint which is the key to creating the life you desire.


Unlike traditional talk therapy, clients do not have to  describe their stories in detail, nor relive painful events. They simply have to know what they want to let go of and what they want to manifest and Rebecca will coach them in the achieving their goals.


Rebecca has experience working with sexual abuse, trauma recovery, building  self-esteem and self- confidence, physical and emotional health issues, stress, worry and anxiety, depression, clearing blocks to personal and professional success, and much more.


Rebecca does her sessions by phone or Skype, generally in one hour sessions. Package deals are available.

3 Phase Program:

I. Stabilize-Clear energetic connections in all major life relationships, retrieving soul fragments and removing unhealthy cords-Download some basic but deeply empowering foundational beliefs-Heal early traumas-Clear limiting beliefs from these traumas


II. Rebuild-Continue healing traumas-Download empowering beliefs based on the changes desired-Discover a new perspective on who you are without these traumas-Begin to allow a new vision for what is possible for you to emerge


III. Moving Forward-Continue healing any traumas as needed-Clear limiting beliefs and download positive ones based on this new vision for yourself and your life-Provide any support needed to embody and live this new vision with confidence and passion.