Rebecca Baines earned her Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Arizona State University. Her desire to help others led her to attend medical school at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and it was during her first year there that memories of her own severe childhood trauma surfaced. Thus began her own journey of healing and recovery. In addition to the emotional scars and PTSD she also developed immune system, autoimmune and endocrine disorders which made working impossible for over 5 years. In her tenacious efforts to recover from these ailments she discovered many things that worked and gradually her physical health returned but she continued to be frustrated with the pace of her emotional healing. She consistently searched for a faster, gentler, and more complete and permanent method  for transforming her own emotional trauma.  After much searching and trial and error, eventually she discovered that faster path to deep and profound healing and now shares this gift with others.


Rebecca became an Advanced Theta Healing practitioner and then took all four levels of Awakening Dynamics. In her years in practice she has evolved her work to develop her own individual style of helping her clients. She calls upon her training, personal experiences, and most importantly, Divine Guidance in tailoring her work with each individual client. She is also influenced by her Native American heritage from Alaska which gives her a sense of the human as a whole being, existing in a connected and cohesive Universe. Her unique perspective is an important component of her work in guiding her clients to the attainment of their goals, whether they be physical, emotional, spiritual or financial. Rebecca has a deep faith that we can recover from anything, no matter what our current circumstances are or what we have been through.

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